"Swift Acceleration!"

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Sunday, May 26th, 2019, I had one of the craziest spiritual encounters of my life. I was standing in the back of the church I pastor, Empowered Life Church, when I heard the Lord say, "someone is about to enter the room." I looked out to the door anticipating a visitor, and when no one came in the front door, I lifted my hands to heaven to worship.

Suddenly I saw a portal open up in the roof of the church. I could only see the face of the angel because it was moving so quickly. It swooped in and began circling the sanctuary so quickly it created a whirlwind. I couldn't believe what I was seeing. Out from the tornado, the angel was releasing things into the people in the sanctuary.

I saw the angel drop a shield and sword into one man's hands. He then quickly dropped a crown on a woman's head, and before my eyes, her hair grew out, and her dress transformed into a gown, and the train of the dress filled the sanctuary.

While I was watching this, I heard the Lord say, "this angel's name is Swift. He is here to bring a swift acceleration." "My people feel like they have made too many mistakes and have forfeited their calling. "I am here to bring breakthrough to those areas that have caused people to have delayed obedience." "I am bringing swift acceleration to the things that would take years will take place in months.

In my spirit I heard, "Behold, days are coming," declares the Lord, "When the plowman will overtake the reaper And the treader of grapes him who sows seed" (Amos 9:13)

The body of Christ is in a time of swift acceleration. God has not overlooked those of us who feel we have missed His timing. He is bringing heaven's help to bring breakthrough and acceleration for us to inherit what He has promised us.

After I shared this revelation, one of our pastors, the one who I saw the Lord give the shield and spear to, grabbed the mic, and shared. The night before he and his wife were talking, and he was telling her that he had felt he missed some opportunities in God. He felt discouraged that if he had been obedient, he would be further in the Lord.

As soon as he finished sharing this in the natural, a Swift bird appeared before him and his wife and then darted suddenly away. He sat back and told his wife that encountering the Swift bird was significant.

Wow, I love how God confirms His word in the mouth of two or three witnesses. I had never heard of a Swift bird before this encounter.

Here’s a clip of an article I found on the internet about Swift birds.

"The swift bird is one of the fastest and most agile birds on the planet. It’s remarkable wing structure shows a steadily gliding bird. To prevent exhaustion, the wing converts potential energy to counteract the aerodynamic forces. The wing features a non-powered flight, with fixed wings at constant flight speed. In other words, Swift demonstrates nature's ability to turn adversity into a benefit."

I love the last line, "The Swift demonstrates nature's ability to turn adversity into a benefit." God is turning what we feel has been our most discouraging moments into the most significant breakthroughs.

God is breaking discouragement off of the church. If you are reading this, an have been struggling with despair. Maybe, like me, you feel like you wasted time, and now specific promises of God have expired. I'm here to prophesy to you, God is sending heaven's angelic help to bring breakthrough and swift acceleration! For some crazy reason, He has chosen to partner with us to bring about His purposes on the earth. Child of God, our Father, requires us.

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"Walk The Narrow Path!"

I remember at one service, I was worshiping with my eyes closed when I saw a picture of this super narrow hallway. Clearly, at the end of the hallway, I saw this throne but all the way along the hallway were doors. I knew these doors were distractions, and I knew that if I went through any, it would keep me from my goal which was the King sitting on the throne. I came out of this experience and went to speak to my uncle. I told him, “Jesus wants me to walk a narrow path.” He said, “Yeah! Of course. That’s a verse in the bible.” I had never read the bible. God continued to speak to me through visions and dreams.

  • Ivan Roman, “Prophets Among Us”
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“You Pick!”

Recently, I was asking the Lord for some direction, and was shocked by His response. He said, "You pick."

🔲 🔲 ☑️

God's response took me by such surprise because I wanted Him to tell me what to do, and He wanted for me to decide and get to it.




“God wants to speak to you!”

Yes, He does. Does that statement shock you?

Many people have an image of a silent God, who if He chose to speak, could cost you your life.

Over the years I have become wonderfully surprised by His desire for relationship with me. Would it shock you if I said that God is looking for friends? Well, that’s exactly what He is looking for.

John 15 says, “No longer do I call you servants, I call you friends.”

God wants to speak to YOU in 2019!




“Receive His love!”

One day as I was asking the Lord what to write, my 9-year-old son came into my room and told me that God gave him a word. He saw a cartoon of the story where Jesus broke the bread, blessed it, and fed the people. He said the Lord told him, “Don't work for my love, learn to receive it."

My son told me that God wants His people to stop working for His love. They have to receive it.

I was like, "WOW!" I was literally praying and typing when he walked in. God is so cool.




“Prepare to hold your promise!”

God is turning your laughter from one of unbelief to joy! 🤣🤣🤣

I was recently reminded of the story where three men, one being the Lord, visited Abram and promised, “ I will surely return to you about this time next year, and Sarah your wife will have a son (Gen 18).”

Sarah was listening, and because of her age, she was barren. When she heard what the Lord had promised, she laughed to herself.

Sarah’s laugh wasn’t a laugh of joy and excitement, it was a laugh of unbelief.

Many of your reading this feel just like Sarah. If you hear one more prophetic word about 2019 being a year of prosperity, breakthrough, or inheriting the promise, you are going to burst forth with laughter. Not a laugh of faith, but one of unbelief and skepticism.

Well, I have news for you. God is going to turn your laughter from unbelief to incredible joy.

When God fulfilled His promises to Sarah, she named her son Isaac, which means laughter.

Prepare to hold your promised Isaac in 2019!




“God is your provider!”

We have had money miracles at Empowered Life (the church where I pastor). Money has been supernaturally appearing in peoples wallets and cars. In 2019, God is going to remind you that He is your provider, regardless of what's been happening in the natural. As God shows up in this way, don’t forget to respond with thanksgiving and generosity.




“Generational Blessing!”

The Lord showed me that he has created us for generational interdependency. We actually need each other!! There is a new wineskin coming to the Church, and it’s called, “Family.”

We will learn that every generation has a place of honor, and we will begin to see more leaders beginning to make room for every generation within the Church.

There is a generational blessing coming to the Church in 2019, available to those who are willing to partner with the Father’s heart.




“Miracle Workers!”

I saw a vision of a graduation with cap and gowns. I was permitted to read the diploma and it said, "Miracle Workers." God is graduating not just healers but miracle workers, and many will come from the millennial generation.




“Power Gifts!”

I saw the Lord taking evangelists from the field and putting them in pulpits of local churches in 2019.

These revivalists will help to awaken churches that have been sleeping, and they will help to raise up a new-breed believer; a new wineskin model for the Church.

I kept seeing the Lord handing His people power tools. I understood the Lord is releasing Power Gifts (gift of faith, miracles, and healing) for the harvest.




“Visitations of power!”

I have been having vivid memories of the late Jill Austin lately. How she was a friend of the Holy Spirit and walked in the glory and power of God. I saw the Lord looking for those that have been through the refiner's fire and were hungry for encounters with Him. I saw it like an atomic bomb in the Spirit. His power is going to fall on entire congregations again. The power won't be able to be controlled and will offend many.




“What do you want?”

God is inviting us to dream with Him in 2019!!

The Lord is asking His friends in this hour, "What do you want?"

I saw a vision of angels listening in on our conversations, and writing them in a book. God is listening to the deepest desires of our hearts and taking note of them.




“Prepare for the unexpected!”

The Lord spoke to me and said , "In 2019, prepare for the unexpected."

I'm not sure how to prepare for the unexpected, but I know childlike faith and anticipation is A MUST this coming year.

Raise your expectations, and get ready for unforeseen and unanticipated blessings in 2019.




“Prepare for your blessing!”

Regardless of what is happening in the world, the church is going to experience 11th-hour miracles. Most of us have been contending for a breakthrough for so long that we don't know how to prepare for it, but I heard the Lord say, "prepare for your blessings."




“Do you hear voices?”

One of the first questions you might be asked when checked into a psychiatric hospital is, “Do you hear voices?”

If we went by their standards, I guess we’d all be admitted. We hear not just voices, but one particular voice, the voice of God. However, after all, we have been called to be a peculiar people. Lol. 😂

We need to be careful that we aren’t just teaching the same O'l Prophecy 101 class over and over again. We need to go deeper; actively mentoring those who are called into a higher level revelatory realm, or the office of a prophet, and really, anyone who is hungry.

No, you are not going crazy. You just need to be mentored.




“It’s Time To Advance!”

I once had an angelic encounter. I was asleep in my room when the Lord woke me up. It felt like God injected caffeine into my veins; I was immediately awake, and I knew God was about to speak to me. I had to be quiet though because my wife and baby were still sleeping.

Holy Spirit whispered to me, “Go outside.”

I went out onto the balcony. I took a few deep breaths to relax when all of a sudden I saw someone sitting in a tree outside my home.

Their features were neither male nor female, though it looked to me like a boy whose hair was in tight curls. This angel held a silver trumpet which it brought to its lips and sounded. I heard an alarm go off like an ambulance was driving by. The angel smiled at me, then disappeared.

My un-renewed mind said, “You did not just see an angel sitting in a tree with a silver trumpet. You’ve lost it! Go back to sleep!”

I ignored that thought and instead asked God, “Are you speaking to me?”

I heard, “Numbers 10:9.”

“When you go to war in your land against the adversary who attacks you, then you shall sound an alarm with the trumpets, that you may be remembered before the Lord your God, and be saved from your enemies.”

The trumpet was used to mobilize people; it’s how you get their attention.

It's time to advance. God is calling this generation on to greater things!



Who Are You Called To Influence?

Who Are You Called To Influence?

 “Worlds were shaped by His Word”.  Intentionally begin to shape your world with God’s Word. You will discover you were not made to merely survive in life, but to REIGN. 




The revelation of living in the continual favor of the Lord is coming upon us. Favor is not seasonal, favor is what Christ declared upon reading Luke 4:18, " the year of the Lord's favor." 

Not just a year but a lifetime for those in Christ.




Legalism teaches us that we are still under the law even if it’s not the Mosaic law.  The epitome of the religious spirit teaches that we must merit what Christ has accomplished for us on the Cross....

Do I Have To Become Jewish In Order To Be A Christian?

Do I Have To Become Jewish In Order To Be A Christian?

I have seen a trend in many Christians today that deeply concerns me.  I’m in good company because many of the Apostle Paul’s writing dealt with the many issues I’m seeing 2,000 years ago.