During our Sunday morning service I heard a date in my spirit, May 8th. I’m not accustomed to getting dates from the Lord but since I have been asking God for greater detail in words of knowledge I knew I needed to share it out of obedience even with the risk of me being wrong. I shared the date and asked if it meant anything to anyone and no one responded. After the service was officially over two mothers separately walked over to me and shared complications that they had with the delivery of their children on or a day before that date. Interestingly, someone came over to me and told me May 8th falls on Mother’s Day this year. As I processed with the Lord what He was showing me I felt He was giving me a promise for Mothers. After I received the word for mother’s I had a word for a woman. I saw knots in a rope and watched as the Lord removed them. The knots represented hindrances in relationships. I also saw a picture of the leaf that goes in the center of the table being put back in the dinner table. The Lord said,” tell her to put the leaf in the table, it will be filled with laughter of family again”. After ministering to this woman she told me that her daughter told her she loved her for the first time in 22 years as well as her and her husband had a conversation the day before I prayed for her about the table. Should they keep it, get a smaller one or put the leaf back in the center expecting the family to gather home again? I believe all of these are prophetic signs of what the Father is speaking over mothers during this season. The Lord has heard your prayers for children that have gone astray, God is releasing a supernatural grace to change their hearts to restore and bring back fellowship once again. To me prophetically the number five represents the grace of God and the number eight represents new beginnings. I felt like God is releasing a promise to Mother’s this year of restoration, hope and healing. God wants to comfort the hearts of mothers. Mother’s begin to declare wholeness over your children, by faith put the leaf back in the dining room table. It’s the heart of God to restore families, remember this mother’s day God’s promise to you. Happy Early Mother’s Day