Word for Alaska

While in prayer I heard the words,” prophets arise in Alaska.”

I feel the Lord has called Alaska as a state to be a place where intercessors and prophets are birthed. I saw a picture of eagles growing into maturity and the wind of God would blow them in different states throughout the U.S.

I also feel to encourage senior leaders of churches and ministries to begin to intently identify and raise up prophets. God wants to raise up hope bringers in Alaska for Alaska and the other states in our great United States.

I saw God’s hand hovering over Alaska and then He pointed at Fairbanks. I saw water collecting in a basin in Fairbanks until it began to overflow and bring refreshing to the rest of the state.

It’s my conviction that it’s God’s desire for the five-fold ministry to function in every church around the world. However, I felt specifically God’s heart to restore hope to Alaska. Alaska it’s your time to ARISE and SHINE.