Who Are You Called to Influence?




  Keys to Discovering Your Sweet Spot in God


  Did you know that God has given every person a sphere of influence?  It’s the place where you feel the most alive; we can call it our “sweet spot” in God. The “sweet spot” is a term athletes use to describe the point on the baseball bat or racket that has the most effect on the ball.  


  Do you feel like you are swinging away at your calling and not making much impact? 


  It could be because you have not discovered your metron.  


  It’s important to know what your metron (sphere of influence) is. If not, you will find yourself frustrated, discouraged and in a state of constant comparison.  



What is a metron?



  Metron is a word found in 1 Corinthians 10:13.   It’s translated as- A sphere of service, area of authority or measure.


  God has appointed a sphere of influence for each of us. Second to time, influence is one of our most priceless commodities.


  How do you discover what your metron in God is?


  To me, everything in God starts with a word. God spoke and things came into existence. What is the word God has spoken over your life?  


  The scripture says, “Worlds were shaped by the Word of God.”


  God wants to help you shape your life through His Word.


  You can discover God’s word over you in many ways; direct word from God to your spirit, prophetic words spoken by others or God speaking through His written Word.   


  Do you feel like you don’t have a clear word from the Lord over your life? I would encourage you to press into Him for one; He desires to speak to His children. 


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  If you are one of those people who feel they don’t have a clear word from God ask yourself these questions:



  • What makes me come alive?
  • Who are the people I feel called to influence?
  • Who are the people that are naturally drawn to me?


  The answers to these questions are indicators of your sphere of influence. 


  Here’s an example, in my own personal life, of how God helped me to discover my sphere of influence: 


  Before I gave my life to Jesus I ran a martial art school and trained people of all ages.  Teaching concepts that can be applied or activated in people’s lives has always been my passion. Coaching others has always come very naturally to me.  


  A few years after yielding my life to Christ I had a dream, in the dream the martial arts school I used to run had became a church. 


  I woke up to the understanding that, in the same way God used me to train people to fight in the natural, I would be used to train people to fight in the supernatural. I understood that He was calling me to be one who equips the Saints to do the work of ministry.  


  Some time later, I went back to visit the location of my old martial arts school to discover it had literally become a church. Wow! What a confirmation of my calling. 


  Today, I get invited to teach in Bible schools and schools of supernatural ministries all over the world.  I also have the privilege to be the Senior Leader at Empowered Life Church and mentor to the Welton Academy.   


  It took years to completely discover what my metron was and then once I discovered it, I had to learn to embrace and cultivate it.  



 What are the Words that God has spoken over you?


  • Record them
  • Pray them
  • Find places to serve those you feel called to influence
  • Use the Word as a template to build your future on


Remember- “Worlds were shaped by His Word”.  Intentionally begin to shape your world with God’s Word. You will discover you were not made to merely survive in life, but to REIGN. 




Stay tune for Pt. 2: Learning to Walk in Your Metron