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In Prophetic 201, Ivan builds on the principles taught in 101 and takes you further into the understanding of the prophetic. You will learn what it means to be a new covenant prophet, what the different types of prophets are, how prophets interact with the other five fold, what its like to be married to a prophet, and so much more. We highly recommend this course for anyone that wants to go deeper in their prophetic gift.

Class 1- My Personal Journey in the Prophetic

Class 2- What is the Purpose of a New Covenant Prophet

Class 3- Different Types of Prophets

Class 4 - Encounters _ What Is A False Prophet

Class 5 - The Importance of Prophets and Community

Class 6 - Characteristics of Prophets

Class 7 - Pitfalls of the Prophetic

Class 8 - Gifts of Prophecy _ An Office of the Prophet

Class 9 - The Prophet In Relationship to the Other Five

Class 10 - Prophet Wifes Perspective